Schools, Potty Mouths, and Weather – Oh my!

1. We play on school fields with the cooperation of the schools. That can be jeopardized by families and players leaving trash behind at practices or games. We had a report of a number of items of trash being left behind at Belview Elementary this weekend. Please be sure we leave the fields with everything you (and your child) came with.

2. There was a report of abusive language being used in a game involving a CSC and a NRU team. Please advise players that abusive language and actions can result in suspensions. Players who believe they are being targeted by that behavior should immediately inform their coach, who can inform the refs.

3. The weather forecast suggests that some practices could be at risk tonight and tomorrow. Coaches determine whether to cancel practices unless there is a field condition that warrants closing the entire field. If there is rain and a wet field, stay out of penalty boxes. This includes a prohibtion on scrimmages that would take players inside the penalty box. A bored goalie on a wet field is highly dangerous to that area.

3 thoughts on “Schools, Potty Mouths, and Weather – Oh my!”

  1. It would be helpful if a trash can was provided at the field and some form of bathroom facilities.

  2. Belview. There aren’t any trash cans at the fields and the only bathroom that I’m aware of is down the road at a store.

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