Spring season is over

The season is now over, and can be officially named the most difficult weather season.  Please let us know your comments, good and bad.  For fall, we are working to improve coaching education, planning to expand academy soccer, and negotiating for the creation of another field.

We need to get goals and coach bags back from the coaches. If you take equipment to Dennis Nagel’s office, make sure you put your name and team with the bag.  We also need volunteers for end-of-season storage of goals, nets, sandbags, etc.  Please let us know if you can help.

Thanks to all of the coaches who volunteered their time, and a HUGE shout out to Good Shepherd Baptist Church.  They planned a large outdoor party and managed to successfully bring it indoors in the face of a big rainstorm.  The church had sixty church volunteers who helped to bring a smile to the children.  If you know someone from the church, please let them know that their efforts were greatly appreciated.

The remaining U9 boys academy session will be posted on the website by Tuesday.  We are hoping to schedule it for Thursday, but will wait to see how the weather forecast looks for that day.

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