Practice days: U8+

U8 and above are scheduled to start practice during this week.  If your first week’s practice would have a conflict with a school open house, let your coach know.  Teams CANNOT move their practices without the coach contacting us and getting approval.

The following is a list of practice days and locations for each of the rec teams.  There are also travel and academy teams, which are filling in the gaps that may appear to exist at some of the fields:  All fields are full and each U10 and U13 team shares a field.

U8 Boys
Costello Yellow  — Floyd Practice
Abbott Red — Wednesday CPS 1
Coburn Orange — Thursday CPS 2
Penny Irish Green — Tuesday Belview
Richardson Maroon — Thursday SES
Carroll Carolina Blue — Tuesday CPS 1
Pickeral Royal Blue — Thursday CPS 1
Tucker Forest Green — Monday CPS 2
Hendricks Ash Gray — Mondays CPS 1
Burrell White — Thursdays Belview

U8 Girls
Purple — Tuesdays CPS 3
Ireland Irish Green — Wednesdays FBE
Bush Orange — Thursdays CPS 3
Rose — Royal Blue Tuesdays CPS 2
Akers Maroon — Thursdays SES
Boone Red — Thursdays SES

U10 Boys
De Vinney Orange — Wednesdays FBE
Mike Semones Royal Blue — Mondays FBE
Mitch Semones/ O’Reilly Irish Green — Fridays FBE
Starr Maroon — Mondays BEL
VT Red — Fridays FBE

U10 Girls
Drummond Irish Green — Mondays FBE
Parton Carolina Blue — Tuesdays FBE
Shoup Yellow — Tuesdays FBE
Rosso Red — Wednesdays FBE

U13 Coed
Shealor Red — Mondays at CMS 2 and Thursdays at Moose
Ireland Irish Green — Thursdays at Moose and Fridays at CHS Band Field
Avellar Royal Blue — Tuesdays at CMS 3 and Fridays at CMS 2

U13 Girls
Vaccaro Irish Green  — Mondays at BEL and Wednesdays at CMS 2
Showalter Maroon — Mondays and Wednesdays at CMS 2
Smith Royal Blue — Tuesdays and Fridays at CMS 2

U18 Coed
Mondays at CHS beginning September 9th and Fridays at GSBC beginning August 23rd

U18 Girls
Tuesdays at GSBC and Thursdays at CMS 2

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