Call for volunteers

We are in need of coaching volunteers for a number of our younger divisions. U8, Kindergarten, and PreK require little to no soccer experience — just the desire to have fun with the kids, get them running, and teach them some skills. U10 does get a little bit more involved, but we aren’t looking for professionals here.

We provide coach training for all levels and are able to work with you during your first few practices if you would feel more comfortable. You can also grab a friend and you can each be co-coaches. Please consider volunteering your time.

Weekly time commitment:

U10 = 1hr weekday practice + Saturday games

U8 = 45min weekday practice + Saturday games

K = 1 hr total – Friday evenings

PreK = 45 min total – Saturday mornings at 11:15

If you have any questions/concerns about coaching, please email me at If we’ve convinced you, please log into your account and simply complete the volunteer registration for the appropriate division.

Thank you to everyone that has already volunteered their time. Without your generosity we wouldn’t be able to provide our soccer program to the hundreds of kids each season.

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