SportsEngine Teams Basic Tutorial

CSC Friends. I wanted to put out a basic tutorial on how to navigate SportsEngine for interacting with your team, both for parents / guardians of players and for coaches. The first half of the tutorial will be for using the mobile version of SportsEngine, available on the Apple App Store or Android Google Play Store. A full tutorial on installation can be found here:

After you install the SportsEngine app and start it up, you should see a teams list on the first page. At the bottom of the screen you can navigate between this teams list, an overall schedule for all teams you may be involved with, an overall chats list for all teams, and account information for your household. Here is a picture of my list:

From here, click on the team that you want to interact with. A screen will pop up like the one pictured below showing options for Schedule, Roster, Chat, Messages, Standings, Stats, Photos, Videos, and News.

Here’s a brief summary of what each option does, note that only coaches and team managers will have the ability to edit all of these functions:

  • Schedule: View / edit scheduled practices, games, and other events. RSVP players and coaches.
  • Roster: View / edit players and staff assignments. View contact information. View / edit player position and demographics (note this isn’t recommended or necessary in most cases).
  • Chat: Similar to text message group chats amongst all coaches, staff, and player parents / guardians. This is a nice, informal way to communicate, but depending on users’ notification settings, messages can be easily overlooked.
  • Messages: Similar to email. In fact, messages generated from within this section will automatically result in emails being sent out to the contact information listed by coaches, staff, and parents / guardians. This is your best bet for sending out official information to the team, but again, could be overlooked depending on user notification settings.
  • Standings: A section for recording standings amongst teams in the same division. There is no official recordkeeping of Recreation or Academy teams game standings. Travel teams standings are maintained by the league in which they participate. This section should effectively be ignored.
  • Stats: A section for recording player statistics. Again, there is no official record keeping of this within CSC, so this section should effectively be ignored.
  • Photos: A section for parents / guardians to post team photos they wish to share.
  • Videos: Similar to Photos, but for video galleries.
  • News: Not currently used.

To summarize, the most useful parts will be Schedule, Roster, Messages, and possibly Chat. CSC will populate the Roster and Schedule (for games) sections. Coaches will populate the Schedule section for practices on their assigned night and other team events (end of season parties, etc.) Coaches will use the Messages section to communicate with the team.

Using the mobile version of SportsEngine seems to be most useful, especially on a busy Saturday morning when a message just has to get out fast. However, SportsEngine for desktop works just as well. Start by logging in at

After signing in, you will see a welcome screen that will list a link for your account, and any teams you may be a part of as a player, parent / guardian, coach, or staff. Example below:

The quickest way to get to a particular team listing is to click on the “Continue” button next to the team under the heading “My Teams”. From here you will see a summary screen like this:

From here, on the left side of the page you can get to Schedule, Roster, and Chat, similar to how it works for the mobile app. You may not see Apparel Store or Settings, so please ignore that in the picture. At the top right of the screen you will see a drop down menu with quick links to other teams you may be associated with, another link for Chat (text popups icon), a link for Messages (mail envelope icon), Notifications (bell icon), and another link for accessing your account settings (circle icon with initials).

The Schedule section may not show anything yet. We are working on populating this information. Use the arrow buttons to scroll between months of the season. Games and events can be viewed in a listing or in a calendar view.

The Roster sections shows a listing of all of the team’s players and staff. Another link is present on this page labelled “Message” that brings up a popup for composing a message to the team and/or staff. Example picture below, black rectangle over player names for privacy:

The Chat section is very similar to how it works for mobile. The Members button can be clicked to see who is receiving the chat.

Overall there is only a slight learning curve to the SportsEngine system before it becomes a very useful tool for team communication. Please feel free to comment here or on Facebook with any further questions.

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