Clothing and Equipment Distribution Reminder

Just a reminder that today (Friday, March 18th 2022) is the day for CSC clothing and equipment distribution to coaches or their appointed substitute. This will be held at Christiansburg Middle School, near the front gate to the fields. Kindergarten teams please show up around 5:45 PM so we can get you what you need and you can get on the fields and get started. Everyone else please show up about 6:00 PM. Below you will find the expectations for what each level will receive, in addition to their clothing bag:

PreK/Kindergarten: One PUGG goal (please check for damage to ground tether spikes, as we have some spares). A few cones, if needed.

U8: A few cones, if needed.

U10/U13: A few cones, if needed. Two pinnies for goalkeepers.

With games starting today, we thought it useful to again point out the Recreation league game guides available here:

Let us know if you have any questions!