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quick guide on registrations

Here’s a quick guide in case there’s any confusion on registration. Please leave a comment on our Facebook page if there’s any further questions or feel free to contact .

Go to . If you are on a PC/Mac, find the toolbar item labelled “REGISTER & ACCOUNT ACCESS” just under the CSC shield logo. Hover over this with your mouse to see the available options. On mobile, click the “pancake stack” on the right side of the screen that looks like three horizontal stacked bars. This will present the available options similar to PC/Mac. You will find the following options, click one to go to the correct option for you or your child:

    • Choose this just to log in to the Sports Engine system to do things like check or edit account settings, registration details, etc.
    • Choose this for coed PreK and K, and boys and girls U8, U10, U13, and U18 Recreation level registrations. PreK/K $35, U8 $45, U10 and up $55 for 2021-2022 seasons. Practices one time a week with Saturday morning games for 8 straight weeks. The current registration form does not allow specifying preferences for team placement with preferred friends and coaches. Please contact the CSC Director at with those requests and we will do our best to accommodate.
    • Choose this for boys and girls Developmental Academy level registration. Intended for 2012 and 2013 birth year children for the 2021-2022 season. Practices two times a week with local area travel games as a lead-in to travel level soccer. Year-long team structure. $0 registration and uniforms for 2021-2022 season. FAQ coming soon!
    • Choose this for boys and girls travel league soccer at various birth year team organization levels. Please contact the CSC Director at for more information.
    • Choose this when volunteering as head or assistant coach, team manager, etc. Allows for CSC registering proper information for rostering, contact information, and background checks.

PC / Mac, after hovering over toolbar link with mouse:

Mobile, after clicking “pancake” stack:

soccer ball giveaway

Registration is still going strong! As a thank you to those that have registered already and as an incentive to family friends that might be interested in registering, CSC is giving away free size 3 and 4 soccer balls, while supplies last, courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods. Wouldn’t you want your child’s best friends to play too? Maybe a free ball could help entice them to join in on the fun.

Please feel free to stop by the Christiansburg Middle School soccer fields Thursdays 6-7:30 pm and pick up a ball for you or your friends’ children. They will be located about midway down the field next to a blue beach cart. Look or ask for Nick Sunshine (the guy typically in the red polo shirt).

While you’re there, take a moment to speak to our director Daniel Gibson or watch Chris Lichty’s U13G team or Nick Sunshine’s U10G team practice.

CSC is offering a no-cost Academy option for boys and girls at the U10 level (3rd and 4th grades). Speak to one of the CSC staff or email for more information!

Thank you for continuing to support Christiansburg Soccer Club!

fall 2021 registration announcement!

We are back!   Get off the couch and put away that game and get outside! 

Welcome to Christiansburg Soccer Club 2021 Fall Season Registration!  

A lot of things are changing with Christiansburg Soccer.  First thing you will notice is a new registration system.  This is a work in progress, so please bear with us.  This new software should make it easier for coaches and parents to communicate as well as scheduling and reminders.  

If you have any issues or questions please contact the new Director: Daniel Gibson at  or  or 540-998-6069.  

Please register below for your desired league. Or you can visit our webpage at 

Riner and Shawsville / Elliston participants: tell your friends!  We are looking to provide a team that practices and plays in your community.   

Recreation soccer:  Click HERE : Pre-K through U18 soccer, boys, girls and coed designed for those first time to the seasoned veteran players and those who want to have fun with friends.  

Academy Soccer:  Click HERE : 2012 and 2013 birth years boys and girls who want a competitive soccer experience. Academy soccer has two practices a week, guided by US Soccer Licensed coaches. Academy soccer is designed for those players who want to play for their High School Teams.  We will prepare you to make your school teams.  

Academy ID camp:   Do you want to see if you should be in Academy?  What is the ID camp and do we need to do it?  This is a one week period including two practices where players can get out and practice like the Academy team.  This is a one week trial period where coaches will be on hand to make sure your child can handle the Academy training.  This one week practice will begin in August.  Additional information coming shortly.  

Volunteer/Coaches: Click HERE :   Each year we need coaches at every level.  We want to equip you to be the best coach possible.  We will provide personal training as well as the opportunity to become a licensed coach with US Soccer.  We want to provide for you the tools to be successful and be the fun parent.  Not a parent? College student or recent grad looking to break into coaching? We can get you started.

Did you miss Travel Tryouts?  Reach out to Daniel Gibson at or 540-998-6069 if you missed tryouts for a travel team.  

As always, please do us a favor and like and share/retweet on Facebook and Twitter. It really helps us spread the word throughout our community. See you on the field!

u.s. soccer learning center free safety course

Did you know the U.S. Soccer Learning Center offers a free safety course? Check out the Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments course. This course has a lot of beneficial information for coaches, assistants, referees, parents, players — really anyone concerned with safety. For reference, also check out the Recognize to Recover website.

More resources like this will continue to be posted at the CSC website under Coaches’ Corner.

2021-2022 Christiansburg Soccer Club Tryouts

This is the tryout declaration currently being used by Christiansburg Soccer Club for the 2021-2022 season (Fall ’21, Spring ’22).  

Tryouts are being conducted for Boys & Girls, Birth Year: 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and 2003. Players must tryout for the tryout of their birth year but may also tryout for a birth year one year above their own.  Christiansburg Soccer Club is the final decision maker on all players playing up.

Tryouts will be held at Christiansburg Middle School, back fields, furthest from parking lot. 

CSC Club questions can be directed to Daniel Gibson, CSC President, 540-998-6069 ,, and Chris Lichty, CSC Vice President, at 540-239-2370,

CSC Team tryout questions can be directed to the following Travel Team Managers.


2011/2010 – May 18th & 20th (T/R) – Contact: Chris Penny,

2009 – May 18th & 20th (T/R) – Contact: Karen Taylor,

2008 –  May 17th (M) Contact: Allison Sawyers,

2007/2006 – June 30 (W), 7:00-8:30pm – Contact: Daniel Gibson,

2006-2003 – June 30 (W), 7:00-8:30pm – Contact: Chris Penny,


2011/2010/2009 – May 18th & 20th (T/R) – Contact: Jennifer Trotter,

2008 – May 18th & 20th  (T/R) – Contact: Keri Barker,

2007/2006 – June 30 (W), 7:00-8:30pm – Contact: Daniel Gibson, or Chris Penny,

2005-2003 – June 22, 24 and 26 (T, Thu, Sat), 6:00-7:30pm – Contact: Will Pfeil,