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Spring Registration has ended…

Regular registration has ended.  You are welcome to still register but we cannot guarantee a spot.  All registrations from this point forward are dependent on space being available.

If you are registering late, we will notify you by March 1st whether there is space for your child.  Late registrations are processed in the order they are received, and we recommend that you select to “pay by check” in the event that we are not able to place your child on a team.

Last Chance to register for Spring Soccer!

CSC-Bulls PlayerNo family photo album is complete without happy kids in soccer uniforms…

So, get your cameras ready, another smile-inducing season of soccer is just about here. Don’t miss your chance to join in the fun and capture all those priceless moments.

Registration closes TONIGHT. 

Season: March 4 – June 1
Cost: $45 per player


In the meantime, come hang-out with us online. Find us on Facebook and Twitter. See everyone in a few weeks.

Looks like Spring. Feels like Spring. Now it’s time to play like it’s Spring.

Excited CSC PlayerWe’re giddy with excitement! Spring season is just about here. 


Tomorrow is the last day register for 2013 Spring Soccer. We’re getting everything ready on our end. Fields prepped. Teams and coaches assigned. Jerseys ordered.  — We just need you! Take a few minutes today and fill-out our handy registration form.


Season begins: March 4th.
Cost: $45 per player


Don’t miss out on all the fun here at CSC. Come socialize with us online. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

See everyone in a few weeks.

Don’t let Spring Soccer start without YOU



Time is running out to register for 2013 Spring Soccer. This is the last week to register. Don’t miss out on all the fun.

The sooner you register the easier it is for us to organize the teams and practice and game schedules.

2013 Spring Recreation Soccer League
* Registration closes Friday, February 15, 2013 at 11:59p

Season: March 4 – June 1

Cost: $45 per playerCredit card or check payments are accepted. If paying by check, you can register today and mail your payment in by the 15th.



Mustangs – U11 Competitive Girls holding tryouts

We are holding tryouts for another one of our travel/competitive league teams. The following team is considering the addition of new players for the upcoming Spring season:

Team: Mustangs – CSC U11 Girls
Eligibility: DOB between 8/1/01 – 7/31/02
Tryout Date: Saturday, February 16th
Tryout Time: 11am
Contact: Shawn Caudell via email at for all the details.

**If you plan to tryout for the team, you must contact Shawn Caudell to confirm your evaluation slot.**


[Time & Location Announced] Travel/Competitive League Tryouts


The time and location has been announced for the upcoming competitive team tryouts. Both teams will hold their tryouts on Saturday, February 9th at 12pm (noon) at Christiansburg Elementary School.

**If you plan to tryout for either team, please contact Matt Mullens or Kim Trobaugh to confirm your evaluation slot.**

Contact: Matt Mullens via email at
Contact: Kim Trobaugh via email at

Tryout Information:

We are holding tryouts for two of our travel/competitive league teams. The following teams are considering the addition of new players for the upcoming Spring season:

Team: Sharks – CSC U13 Girls
Eligibility: DOB between 8/1/99 – 7/31/00 are fully eligible
DOB between 8/1/98 – 7/31/99 may be partially eligible.
Tryout Date: Saturday, February 9th
Tryout Time: 12p
Tryout Location: Christiansburg Elementary School

Team: Phoenix – CSC U12 Boys
Eligibility: DOB between 8/1/00 – 7/31/01, as well as 6th graders with a DOB between 8/1/01 – 7/31/02
Tryout Date: Saturday, February 9th
Tryout Time: 12p
Tryout Location: Christiansburg Elementary School

Socialize with us

“The Phantoms” being incredibly serious (and not at all coooold) before their U13 game in Blacksburg. October 2012

We’ve finally been socialized, not that you can tell from our photo… But, honestly, we’re getting social on the World Wide Web and to prove it, we’ve got profiles on the social media biggies.

We’re posting and tweeting all kinds of fun, soccer-related information, and up-to-date CSC information once the season gets started. Quick and accessible information, where you are. Tag us in your photos, retweet updates, and let us know how your practices and games are going.  Come on over and hang-out with us; It will be a good ol’ time.  Find us at Facebook, user ChristiansburgSoccer, and Twitter @CBurgSoccer. Look forward to hearing from you.


Spring ’13 Rec Registration is now open

kyleIt’s that time of year again, so dust off your cleats and break-out your shin guards. Get ready for Spring Soccer.

Recreation registration is now open!

2013 Spring Recreation Soccer League
* Registration closes Friday, February 15, 2013 at 11:59p

Season: March 4 – June 1
Cost: $45 per player

Click here to begin registration. Our online registration form will open in a new window.

The Christiansburg Soccer Club provides a framework for 80 or more teams to participate. In order to successfully provide a positive soccer experience, we need your help. Please consider volunteering your time. We have both one-time and season-long volunteering opportunities.

Coaches: Unless you coached during the Fall 2012 season, you are required to complete the following registration form. This registration form is required to be submitted annually. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you’re new to the club, click through for more information on where we play and some of our Club rules. And don’t forget to stay up-to-date with us online at Facebook and Twitter.

CSC heads to NoVa for high-level soccer


“I thought my shoes might melt,” said Nicole DiIoia, a player on the Christiansburg Sharks, after finishing a game in sweltering conditions in Herndon, Va.

Four travel soccer teams from Christiansburg got to experience high-level soccer in Northern Virginia as both competitors and guests of DC United.

Playing against a strong Herndon soccer team on an astroturf field on a hot Saturday afternoon required a special degree of commitment by not just the players but the parents. The heat radiated upwards from the field on a sweltering 95-degree day in Northern Virginia. Even so, the teams were playing hard, and competing on equal terms.

Just three short years ago, Christiansburg Soccer Club did not exist. The club was developed not just to expand the opportunity for recreational soccer, but also to develop players who could make the high school teams more competitive. From that start in spring of 2009, there will now be six teams from Christiansburg playing competitive soccer in the fall.

The Northern Virginia trip was scheduled to give the players a glimpse at soccer at its highest level. The four Christiansburg teams participating in the weekend games on Aug. 4-5 were playing Herndon Soccer Club teams that compete in a league that has almost as many teams (500) as the Christiansburg Soccer Club has players (700). One of the Herndon teams ranked as high as 4th in the nation last year. The skill level of the teams and the commitment required to compete at that level were an eye-opening experience for both players and parents.

Caitlyn Caudell, a rising fifth-grader at Belview Elementary and a member of the Christiansburg Mustangs, was impressed by the trip and the competition.

“I enjoyed getting to know my teammates better by hanging out with them on the trip. I also learned a lot by playing two very good teams from Herndon,” she said.

After the Saturday afternoon game, the teams had very little time before they hopped on the Metro to make their way to RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. to watch DC United play the Columbus Crew in a Major League Soccer game. As the players soon found out, nothing moves quickly in Northern Virginia. The 30 miles from hotel to stadium took more than two hours due to construction and traffic. As a group, the parents were all glad they did not live in the gridlock that is NoVa.

From the kids’ eyes, however, this was an exciting part of the experience.
“Getting to high five the DC United players was really cool, but riding the Metro was the best,” said Jeston Hendricks, also a member of the Mustangs.

The high fives almost didn’t happen. The teams were all invited by DC United to be part of the pre-game activities on the field, and to be part of a high-five tunnel to welcome the players onto the field, but the traffic delays put them at risk of missing that special part of the weekend. The teams arrived in the nick of time, and the players were escorted onto the field.
The players were too young to know the history of RFK Stadium, but the history was not lost on the coaches. Mike Adams, coach of the Christiansburg Griffins, marveled at how the teams were making the same walk onto the fields that had been done in earlier times by Redskin greats such as Joe Theisman and John Riggins.

The DC United game itself was a source of wonder for players and parents alike. The ease with which the players controlled and passed the ball showed everyone the beauty of the sport when well-played. The visiting team was clearly overmatched, and a number of penalties were called against the Columbus Crew as they tried to use physical play to overcome their deficiency in skill. In the end, the players got to see the home team win, and made their late-night trek back to the hotel for as much rest as possible before their morning games.

The Sunday morning games did not feel any cooler, and were played in the shadow of high-rise buildings and traffic. David Dunkenberger, whose daughter Logan was on the field playing for the Christiansburg Griffins, put his finger on what was so special about the Northern Virginia experience. He looked around and remarked about the activity that was all around us. At this one elementary school, there were seven soccer fields, and five of them were filled with young players, teen-aged players, and even an adult-league game. This experience was being repeated over and over again at so many of the fields in Northern Virginia.

The Northern Virginia families were doing something right in their concrete jungle: They were showing a level of activity that was an idea worth taking back to the New River Valley. The weather, which still felt hot enough to melt our shoes, we gladly left behind.

Article published in The Burgs, August 14, 2012. View article here

Four & Four

We’re four games into the season and we’ve got four points from Dennis to get us through the rest of the season.

1. New River Engraving has been a CSC sponsor from the start, and is once again offering special trophy deals for the soccer teams. They do excellent work and we would appreciate that coaches or team parents contact them for their end-of-season trophies.

2. Locations for K and Pre-K games for Oct. 27th should be released next week. There may be a few Friday night practice locations that need to be cancelled to accommodate the K games, as CPS and CES will be closed that night.

3. Games need to start on time and end on time. While warming up on the field may be customary, it is not necessary. If it is game time, the game needs to start. If there are refs and they won’t start the game, report it to me. Games also need to end on time, especially U8 games which are coach-reffed and have 40 minutes of play in an hour-long spot. Warmups can be abbreviated, quarter breaks need only be 1 minute long, etc. Which brings us to Issue # 4 . . .

4. There was a completely avoidable confrontation on a soccer field this weekend. As a result, an assistant coach and two parents will be instructed not to come to any soccer field this weekend. The assistant coach entered the field of a live game after it went past the scheduled time. Two parents laid hands on coaches when a post-game conversation/argument occurred. Without going into detail about the incident, the touching of a coach or ref is a sure-fire way to get a suspension. The unwelcome touching of a person is known in Virginia as Assault & Battery, and it has no place anywhere on a soccer field or near the children. Let’s get in the newspaper for pictures of kids with smiles on their faces playing soccer, not for a couple of parents engaged in schoolyard antics.