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Free Academy Soccer – U9/U10

Registration is now open for the fall U9 and U10 Academy program. The program is FREE and open to all 2009 and 2008 players, and any 2010 players with a coach recommendation. Registration will remain open until Friday, June 2nd. Player evaluations will be held the following week.
If you are interested in becoming an academy coach, contact us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com.
Information on the program:

Christiansburg Soccer is offering FREE ACADEMY soccer for players born in 2009 and 2008.

Interested players must be competitive, have an appropriate amount of athleticism, show strong effort, and have the ability to follow coach direction. Specific soccer skills are not a priority. 

Please note: This program is available to players with a 2009 or 2008 birth year. Any players with a 2010 birth year must have a coach recommendation in order to be evaluated. To receive a coach recommendation, please have your current coach contact us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com.

About the Academy Program:

The Academy program is the bridge between recreational play and competitive play and builds the skill foundation necessary to play competitively through high school. The Academy focuses on individual technical skill and gaining a comprehensive understanding of all positions and team play. Joining the academy program differs from both the rec and travel programs in that players must be evaluated to ensure that they meet the basic requirements for the program. This is not rec where everyone is accepted nor is it a tryout where players must demonstrate a certain level of technical and tactical skill. More on the evaluation process below.

Practices and Games:

Players will have two 75 minute practices per week and will play in a variety of game situations throughout the season. The Academy program does not offer a standard eight-week, one game per week schedule. Games will be played on either Saturday or Sunday and may be comprised of intra-squad, friendlies, traditional games, festivals, and tournaments.


The program will be FREE for all eligible players born in the years mentioned above. 

How to Register:

Interested players must pre-register for evaluations. 

To register, visit our website at www.csoccer.org. Click on Register along the top left, then log into our account. On your account home page you will see New Program Available next to your player’s name. Click on that and select the 2017 Fall Academy Program. Complete the registration. You will receive a confirmation email once the registration is completed.

Registration is open now and through June 2nd at 6pm.


Unlike the rec program that accepts all players, the Academy program conducts evaluations to ensure that all registered players are appropriate for the program. This is not a tryout, simply a way for coaches to make sure that your player exhibits the basic requirements to participate in the program. 

Evaluations will be held in early June for all new players. Current academy players must register for the program and are encouraged to attend the evaluations. 

CSC will accept the appropriate number of players based on coaching resources and team size limitations for each age group. Our goal is to accept as many interested players as possible. 

Additional Program Details:

TRAVEL: Academy players will not travel more than 40 minutes away for games UNLESS parents agree that they want their child to participate. Festivals and tournaments may be further away, however multiple games are played in each which offsets the travel burden. 

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT: The intent of the program is to emphasize individual player development NOT team development. This includes technical, tactical, physical, and psychosocial development that will prepare them to compete in the sport and increase their knowledge and love of the game. 

TIME COMMITMENT: Academy practices two times per week, with each practice being 75 minutes, rather than one time per week for the rec players at that age level. 

COACHES: All academy coaches have earned their National E License from U.S. Soccer. Coaches are volunteers.  

PRACTICE COMMITMENT: a) Players must attend practices – each practice is 75 minutes; b) have their own soccer ball and water and shin guards for each practice; c) must be respectful and responsive to the coaches; d) must not be disruptive to other players; and e) must demonstrate progress through the season.

GAMES: Academy is different from rec. There will NOT be a game each Saturday. Some weekends will be free; some will have multiple festival games; rather than games vs. other opponents, CSC may create smaller competitions to further focus on the developmental foundations of soccer. CSC will be following the guidelines of United States Youth Soccer and Virginia Youth Soccer to make sure that the kids develop their skills. 

PARENT COMMITMENT: All players are required to attend both practices each week and all scheduled games/activities. Players need to arrive on the field for practices ready to begin and at the game field at the coach designated times. Any scheduling issues need to be sent to your team manager. There will be one parent meeting per season. At least one parent from each household must attend. 

SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED: As long as your child is familiar with soccer and displays an appropriate level of athleticism and direction-following, then that is all we are looking for. We are confident that the players will improve if they follow through with the practice commitment.

If you have any questions on program specifics, please contact us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com

U9 Boys Travel to Fredericksburg

Players from the U9 Boys Academy team traveled to Fredericksburg,  VA to play in the FSCI March Friendlies over the weekend.

The boys played four games at the Fredericksburg Friendlies.  Two games were played against the St. Mary’s Soccer Strikers (Maryland) and two games were played against the Lee Mount Vernon Patriots.

While they lost all four games, it was a great experience for everyone.  Last season, our academy teams dominated most of our local competition.  The Friendlies presented a significantly higher challenge and we faced some adversity for the first time.  The boys responded well and learned some important lessons on spacing and defending that will help through the rest of the season.

Great work, team!

Friendlies are competitive games when the scores don’t count for league play. This game format is an excellent way for teams and players to continue their development while playing teams that are typically outside their area and/or at a different skill level.

The Academy Program is focused on individual player development and is the bridge between recreational play and competitive travel play.  For more information on the program, please visit us at: https://csoccer.org/competitive-league/

Supplemental Tryout: U10G Academy Team

We will be holding open tryouts for our U10  girls competitive academy team to fill the final roster spot.

Date: Saturday, February 14th

Time: 12:30 p.m.

DOB requirement: Players must be born between 8-1-04 to 7-31-05.

Players should already have pre-registered.  If your child is interested but has not pre-registered, contact Dennis Nagel at den4law@yahoo.com.

For more information on our academy program, please contact Michelle Ireland at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com

Academy soccer:  Academy soccer is a bridge between recreational and travel soccer, and is intended for 3rd and 4th graders.  This program is open to players who have demonstrated a commitment to practice and develop their soccer skills.  Fees are $50 per player per season. We play in both the fall and spring seasons.

Michelin Tire soccer promotion

Free soccer balls are being given away by Shelor Quick Lane. There is a limited supply of 100 soccer balls (50 size 3 balls and 50 size 4 balls), so go quickly if you would like a free ball. This program is run in conjunction with Michelin tires, and they also provide a very good tire coupon for parents in need of tires.
Go to Shelor Quick Lane, at 125 Bristol Drive in Christiansburg, VA  and let them know you are with the Christiansburg Soccer Club to claim your free soccer ball and to take advantage of the tire rebate.

Information on fall registration

For fall, we have moved to a new registration site which will permit us to provide more targeted messages to teams and age groups, and to provide better support services for teams.  In order to work out the kinks to this program, we have selected 4 teams to register early and are asking that parents register their players now:

-U9 boys academy,

-U10 boys academy,

-U10 girls academy,

-U11 boys Hornets travel team.

Please click here to get started.

Once we have confirmed that the registration system is ready, we will open it up for all players.

We hope to have registration open for all players by the weekend.

Upcoming Travel Tryout information

Travel tryouts are now set. If interested, contact the person listed next to each tryout. We need you to contact the coach in advance in case weather causes postponement. If you are not sure of your child’s age group OR if you want more general information, contact Dennis Nagel at 392-1183 0r at den4law@yahoo.com. Coach can provide tryout time and location.

Rising U14G Sharks (mmullens99@gmail.com)

Rising U13G Griffins (kvangelos@verizon.net) Friday, May 17th at 5:45pm at GSBC – confirmed

Rising U13 Phoenix (soccer4god2@aol.com) Monday, May 13th at 6pm at CMS – confirmed

Rising U12G Mustangs (cscmustangs@gmail.com) Tuesday, May 14th at CMS

Rising U11G Strikers (caunderw@vt.edu) Tuesday, May 14th at CMS

Rising U11 Hornets (coachpotters@gmail.com) Tuesday, May 14th at CMS

Rising U10 Boys Academy (den4law@yahoo.com) no tryouts — introductory sessions ongoing

Rising U10 Girls Academy (mmullens99@gmail.com) no tryouts — introductory sessions to be announced soon

Rising U9 Boys Academy (den4law@yahoo.com) no tryouts — introductory sessions ongoing

Rising U9 Girls Academy (mmullens99@gmail.com) U10G Rec for fall — U9G Academy will start Spring 2014

Spring snow and Spring Soccer don’t mix.

GAME FIELDS CLOSED. All game fields are closed this week. Rec teams are asked to cancel all practices this week. Even if the snow melts and the fields start to dry, the late start to spring is putting tremendous strain on the fields. The fields will be able to take more wear and tear once the spring grass has started growing. Rec teams can resume practice next week and prepare for their next game on April 6th, hopefully in spring conditions.

Travel/academy teams are asked to stay off game fields until Friday, March 29th. Travel/academy teams may contact Dennis Nagel about alternative locations (AES, CES, and SES).

Cancellation policy

We play in the rain UNLESS (1) there is thunder/lightning, (2) damaging to the fields, or (3) combined with cold weather that makes it too uncomfortable to play. If your game is in Blacksburg, check http://www.newriverunited.org for cancellations.

We post updates on cancellations at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday or by 4:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Required equipment

Every player at every age division is required to wear shin guards. Shin guards are to be worn under the socks. Each player should also have an age appropriate ball (Pre-K through U-8 size 3, U-10 size 4, U-13 and above size 5) and water at each game and practice. Cleats are recommended for U-8 and above and are optional for Pre-K and K.

Call for volunteers

Call for volunteers: CSC provides a framework for youth to play soccer, but it needs parent support to make it work. Below is a listing of a number of areas where parents can volunteer this season. Some are calls for one-time help; others are for the season.

1) Signs: If you see that a CSC sign is still up and can take it down along with the two posts and take to our office at 70 E. 1st St, please do so and e-mail me where it came from.

2) Fields: CMS2 and the U18 field will be marked at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, weather permitting. 3 volunteers are requested.

3) Trash: Here is a bureaucratic head scratcher: CMS will not empty trash cans on CMS fields. If you have a truck, and see a full trash bag sitting next to the fence, please consider loading it up to take to the dump. DO NOT complain to the school. We are fortunate to have the fields and do not want that jeopardized.

4) Lining fields: If your child’s team has a Thursday night practice on CPS, FBE, or CMS, consider contacting me to paint the lines. It is easy once the lines have been originally marked,m and gives a parent something to do during practice. Teams practicing on Thursdays need to make way for the line painters.

Finally. we have record numbers and significant field limitations. We are working to remedy that, with GSBC field scheduled for full opening in the spring, and a renovated Depot Street field expected to open next fall. Until then, space is tight, so please cooperate with teams that you are sharing space with.

Thank you.