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FREE* Academy for fall 2016

Christiansburg Soccer Club is offering FREE* ACADEMY soccer for players born in 2007 and 2008.

Interested players must be competitive, have an appropriate amount of athleticism, and have the ability to follow coach direction. Specific soccer skills are not a priority.

Please note: This program is only available to players with a 2007 or 2008 birth year. No younger players will be evaluated. Older players must tryout for a travel team. Contact christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com for details on our travel program.

About the Academy Program:

The Academy program is the bridge between recreational play and competitive play and builds the skill foundation necessary to play competitively through high school. The Academy focuses on individual technical skill and gaining a comprehensive understanding of all positions and team play.

Our primary mission for the Academy Program is to provide our high schools (Christiansburg, Auburn, and EastMont) a sufficient number of technically developed and well-rounded soccer players for the Christiansburg and Auburn high school programs, and for EastMont to start their program and become competitive.

Practices and Games:

Players will have two 75 minute practices per week and will play in a variety of game situations throughout the season. The Academy program does not offer a standard eight-week, one game per week schedule. Games will be played on either Saturday or Sunday and may be comprised of intra-squad, friendlies, traditional games, festivals, and tournaments.


The program will be FREE for the fall for eligible players if you meet the following requirements:

  1. live in the Christiansburg, Auburn, or EastMont school district AND
  2. attend the Montgomery County Public Schools at Auburn Elem, Belview Elementary, Christiansburg Elementary, Christiansburg Primary, EastMont Elementary, or Falling Branch Elementary AND
  3. your player is accepted after a soccer evaluation.

If you meet these requirements and have already registered for the fall season, then your season fee of $50 will be refunded.

The program will be $100 for the fall for eligible players if you:

  1. if you live outside the specified areas, OR
  2. do not attend one of the listed schools, BUT
  3. have been accepted after a soccer evaluation

If your player is already signed up for Academy as of May 31, 2016, then your fee will remain at $50 for fall.

We will evaluate the success of the fall program to see if we can continue to offer it for free for eligible players for the spring.

How to Register:

Interested players must pre-register for evaluations. There is no fee at the time of pre-registration.

To register, visit our website at http://www.csoccer.org. Click on Register along the top left, then log into our account. On your account home page you will see New Program Available next to your player’s name. Click on that and select the 2016 Fall Travel & Academy Program. Complete the registration. You will receive a confirmation email once the registration is completed.

Registration is open now and through June 20th.


Unlike the rec program that accepts all players, the Academy program conducts evaluations to ensure that all registered players are appropriate for the program. This is not a tryout, simply a way for coaches to make sure that your player exhibits the basic requirements to participate in the program.

Evaluations will be held in early August for any new 2008 or 2007 boys and for all 2008 and 2007 girls. Boys 2008 or 2007 that have already been evaluated and offered a position within the program DO NOT need to be re-evaluated.

CSC will accept the appropriate number of players based on coaching resources and team size limitations for each age group. Our goal is to accept as many interested players as possible.

Additional Program Details:

TRAVEL: Academy players will not travel more than 40 minutes away for games UNLESS parents agree that they want their child to participate. Festivals and tournaments may be further away, however multiple games are played in each which offsets the travel burden. Traditionally, our academy teams travel once per season to Lynchburg and Martinsville for festivals.

TIME COMMITMENT: Academy practices two times per week, with each practice being 75 minutes, rather than one time per week for the rec players at that age level. That is not too much of a burden when considering that Football and Cheerleading often practice 4-5 times per week.

PRACTICE COMMITMENT: a) Players must attend practices – each practice is 75 minutes; b) have their own soccer ball and water and shin guards for each practice; c) must be respectful and responsive to the coaches; d) must not be disruptive to other players; and e) must demonstrate progress through the season.

GAMES: Academy is different from rec. There will NOT be a game each Saturday. Some weekends will be free; some will have multiple festival games; rather than games vs. other opponents, CSC may create smaller competitions to further focus on the developmental foundations of soccer. CSC will be following the guidelines of United States Youth Soccer and Virginia Youth Soccer to make sure that the kids develop their skills.

PARENT COMMITMENT: All players are required to attend both practices each week and all scheduled games/activities. Players need to arrive on the field for practices ready to begin and at the game field at the coach designated times. Any scheduling issues need to be sent to your team manager. There will be one parent meeting per season. At least one parent from each household must attend.

SKILL LEVEL REQUIRED: As long as your child is familiar with soccer and displays an appropriate level of athleticism and direction-following, then that is all we are looking for. We are confident that the players will improve if they follow through with the practice commitment.


NEW 7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls Teams

Update: 2/28/15: Boys looking to register for this team are welcome to do so. Accepting tryout registration for area 7th & 8th grade boys.

Register for tryouts now.

Beginning in spring 2015, Christiansburg Soccer Club will be taking the next step as we continue to build a broader foundation for soccer in the greater Christiansburg area. For the first time, CSC will have middle school level teams, 7th and 8th graders, who will be able to play a full schedule against other middle school teams. These teams will practice after school from 3-5, Monday through Friday, at Christiansburg Middle School.

Pre-registration is required to tryout for these teams, along with a $50 deposit.

To register for the tryout, please log in, or create a new, account at https://sports.bluesombrero.com/cburgsoccer. Any questions on the registration process should be emailed to Michelle Ireland at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com

For more information, please click here.   Additional team information

If you have any additional questions on these teams, please contact Dennis Nagel at 540-392-1183 or at den4law@yahoo.com

Upcoming Tryout: U13B

We will be holding a tryout for the 2015 spring season in our U13B travel division.

Team: Hornets

Player DOB: 8/1/01 – 7/31/03

Date: Saturday, November 15th at 10 a.m.

Location: TBD

Registration is required. Email lisaleichner@gmail.com

For more information, please contact the Hornets team manager, Lisa Leichner at lisaleichner@gmail.com or at 540-230-7001


PreK Annoucement: Re-scheduling final games

Saturday is now looking like an unplayable day due to cold temperatures, high winds, and possible snow. While this is short notice, we would like to move up the final game to TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday at 6:00 p.m.. We are asking that TEAMS, not individual parents, but the teams, to let us know as soon as possible whether their team could be available Thursday night.

If tomorrow night is not possible for some teams, we would have to look at another Saturday morning, however temperatures are dropping quickly and there would be a significant chance that any future scheduled games could be cancelled.

Parents, please let your coach know your availability so your coach can contact us today.

Coaches, please reach out to your team today if you are not contacted by them directly. Specific team match-ups may have to be adjusted to accommodate team availability. We will need a response today in order to make the changes in the schedules by tomorrow.

Practices this evening

We are recommending that all practices are cancelled this evening due to the impending weather system that is supposed to move through. At this point the system is going to be in the area around 6 p.m., however even if it hits later than that it is expected to be much more severe than the recent rain storms that have come through the area.

Club policy: All fields must be cleared at the first sight/sound of lightning/thunder and must remain cleared for 30 minutes after the last incident.

Fall registration is now open

Registration is now open for all Recreation players for our upcoming fall season. Register early to guarantee placement.

Get started now! Register here

Season fees: $50

Practices begin – Academy and travel: Latest, week of 8/11/14
Practices begin – Rec U8 and up: Week of 8/25/14
Practices/games begin: K 9/5/14, PreK 9/6/14

First weekend of games for all divisions and programs: Weekend of 9/5/14

Season end dates: Weekend of October 24th

Registration ends: Friday, August 15th at 5 p.m.

There will be a $15 late fee assessed to any registrations after August 15th.

PreK – Practices and games each Saturday morning at 11:15. 20 minutes practice followed by a 20-25 minute game.
K – Practices and games each Friday evening at 6 p.m. 25 minute practice followed by a 30 minute game.
U8 and U10 – one weeknight practice and one Saturday morning game per week.
U13 and U18 – two weeknight practices and one Saturday morning game per week.

If you have any questions regarding our season or registration, please contact us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com


Upcoming tryouts – U14G travel

CSC intends to form a U14Girls travel team (U14G CSC Eagles) to compete in the Classic level of the Blue Ridge Soccer League (BRSL).

The tryout will be Saturday, February 8th at 11am at a location to be determined (may need to be held indoors depending on the weather).

The DOB age range will be August 1, 1999, to July 31, 2001.

Costs for the spring season are expected to be $95.

Players must pre-register for the tryout by contacting Dennis Nagel at den4law@yahoo.com no later than Tuesday, February 4th. The BRSL does require the presentation of a birth certificate to obtain a player’s card, so players need to make sure they have that document available for the February 8th tryout. If not, act now to obtain a replacement.

The U14G Eagles expect to practice on 4 Saturdays prior to the season (Feb 22, March 1, 8, 15) and have a single regular weeknight practice on Tuesdays. Jason Mahugh, CSC’s highest licensed coach, has agreed to coach the team. He is also willing to hold a 2nd weekly skills practice on Thursdays if players are interested. Based on the fall season of the BRSL, it is expected that the Eagles will play 4 games in Christiansburg, 2 games in Roanoke, and 2 games in either Franklin County, Botetourt, or Smith Mtn Lake. If possible, a couple of scrimmages will also be set in Christiansburg. The purpose of this team is developmental, and is geared towards players who may not be eligible for a JV team (Auburn, EastMont, Floyd, homeschool, private school) and those who are concerned they may not make the CHS JV team or may not receive much playing time on that team.

Another reason for the formation of this team is the uncertainty of whether there will be enough girls to field a full U18G division. Auburn fielded a rec team in the fall but most of those players will be part of the first-ever AHS girls varsity soccer team. Blacksburg and Christiansburg are expected to lose rec players to JV soccer. If players are interested in playing U18G rec, they should sign up early so that we can better gauge whether the division can be formed. If you sign up for U18G and the division cannot be formed, the player will have an opportunity to switch to U18Coed or have their money refunded. If a 7th grade girl seeks to move up to U18G and it is not formed, those players will have an opportunity to move back to U13Coed or U13Girls.

If you have questions about trying out for the U14G CSC Eagles, or have questions generally about travel and academy soccer, please call Dennis Nagel at 392-1183.