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CMS fields partially re-open 10/6

The Christiansburg Middle School Fields 2 and 3 will partially re-open for practices today, Tuesday 10/6. The back portion – closest to trees – of each field is still CLOSED. Teams may only use the front portion of fields. All teams must also remain outside of goal boxes or especially saturated areas of the field.

Looking toward the weekend. 10/2-4

We are closely monitoring the weather forecast for the coming days. As always in this area it is hard to make a decision too far in advance.

A decision on whether Kindergarten soccer for Friday, 10/2 can be played will be made by noon that day. *UPDATE: 10/2 @ 12p: Decision on Kindergarten games has been moved back to 3pm since at this point it is looking like there is a chance to play. We want to wait on a more accurate forecast before making the final decision.*

For rec games scheduled for Saturday, 10/3, a decision will be made by Friday evening at 5.

If anyone has any questions, please contact christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com

Fields are OPEN – Saturday, 9/26

Weather forecast is showing intermittent rain throughout the day. All games should be played as scheduled – U8 and PreK, see not below. Some games may not get rain, some light, misty rain, while others might get wet.

The fields are wet and the temperatures are going to hover around high-50s, so please dress appropriately for the weather. Pants are allowed. Long-sleeves/jackets may be worn under the team jersey. Hats and gloves are also allowed.

For our two youngest divisions, U8 and PreK: If a U8 game receives heavy, soaking rain, the two coaches can agree to postpone the game. **This decision need to be made once on the field and if both coaches agree. The heaviest rain looks to be past us, as of 9am.** Coaches will need to contact christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com today so that the game can be rescheduled for this week during the week.

We will make a final decision on PreK at 10 a.m. using the latest weather update. **10am Update: PreK games have been cancelled.**


Kindergarten soccer is on for tonight

At this point the forecast is showing a break in the rain just in time for the Kindergarten practices and games to begin. We will plan to have all practices and games proceed as scheduled.

Players should be dressed appropriately for the weather. Pants are allowed and long-sleeves/jackets can be worn under the team jerseys. Hats and gloves may be worn as well.

Coaches: If both teams agree to shorten practices and play the games earlier than 6:30, that is fine.