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CMS fields partially re-open 10/6

The Christiansburg Middle School Fields 2 and 3 will partially re-open for practices today, Tuesday 10/6. The back portion – closest to trees – of each field is still CLOSED. Teams may only use the front portion of fields. All teams must also remain outside of goal boxes or especially saturated areas of the field.

Field update: 4/9/15

As of today, Thursday April 9th, we have closed GSBC to all games – rec and BRSL – and most practices, until further notice. CPS2 will open for limited games this weekend and will hopefully open to all games beginning next weekend. CPS1 remains closed. All other fields are open at this time.

Updates to field conditions will be posted as quickly as possible. You can view the status of fields by clicking on Current Field Status in the top right corner of our website. Field locations and directions  can be found under the Recreation and Travel & Academy tabs.