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Updated: Friday Kindergarten Postponed Until Saturday

Updated Information: 2:49 pm Saturday, 10/27

If the weather looks like it is going to be unbearable for play once you get the field, please shorten or skip your practice time and get right to the games. At this moment the forecast is showing that rain is expected to begin again at 3:30.

Unfortunately, we are running out of time to reschedule matches this season with the upcoming time change so matches need to be played if conditions allow it.

Please use your best judgement when on the field and communicate with the opposing team.


Due to the forecasted weather for Friday, we have postponed all scheduled Kindergarten activities. The practices and matches will now be on Saturday, 10/27 at 3p.

Your schedules have been updated to reflect the change.

Kindergarten soccer is on for tonight

At this point the forecast is showing a break in the rain just in time for the Kindergarten practices and games to begin. We will plan to have all practices and games proceed as scheduled.

Players should be dressed appropriately for the weather. Pants are allowed and long-sleeves/jackets can be worn under the team jerseys. Hats and gloves may be worn as well.

Coaches: If both teams agree to shorten practices and play the games earlier than 6:30, that is fine.