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Fields open – Games are to be played

We plan to play all games today as scheduled, even though there is a possibility of rain throughout the day. U13 and U10 games should be played without any changes. If the rain becomes too heavy, then U8 and PreK games can be postponed. If a U8 or PreK game is not played, the coach will need to email us so we can reschedule.

For all players, the temperature has dropped so there may be a need for a long-sleeve shirt or thin jacket to be worn under the jersey.

NRU fields are closed. If you have a game scheduled with NRU today, it will be rescheduled for a later date.

Fields closed

It should not come as a surprise that the fields are closed due to the rain.  The fields will remain closed until an e-mail is sent that OPENS them back up.  If we receive rain as forecast, then the fields will likely remain closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, and would only re-open Thursday if the fields have adequately drained.  We are far enough along in the season that we will NOT be attempting to make up missed rec practices.

The travel tryout schedule is also being affected.  Tryouts set for Mustangs and Hornets will be moved back from Tuesday to this Thursday, and will be at CMS.  The tryouts set for the Sharks and the Strikers are being moved from CMS to GSBC on Thursday.