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Spring 2015 Registration Timelines

Below are the current registration timelines for the spring 2015 season.

To register for any of the following teams, please log in at https://sports.bluesombrero.com/cburgsoccer – Please note, registrations for teams will only be available between the open and close dates — no pre-registrations are allowed. Any questions, please contact Michelle Ireland at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com

7th & 8th Grade Boys & Girls Competitive Teams:
– Registration opens: 11/17/14 at 6 a.m.
– Registration closes: 12/1/14 at 5 p.m.

Academy and Travel Girls & Boys Competitive Teams:
– Registration opens: 12/1/14 at 6 a.m.
– Registration closes: 1/9/15 at 5 p.m.

Recreation Teams – PreK through U18:
– Registration opens: 1/10/15 at 6 a.m.
– Registration closes: 2/12/15 at 5 p.m.

Practice days: U8+

U8 and above are scheduled to start practice during this week.  If your first week’s practice would have a conflict with a school open house, let your coach know.  Teams CANNOT move their practices without the coach contacting us and getting approval.

The following is a list of practice days and locations for each of the rec teams.  There are also travel and academy teams, which are filling in the gaps that may appear to exist at some of the fields:  All fields are full and each U10 and U13 team shares a field.

U8 Boys
Costello Yellow  — Floyd Practice
Abbott Red — Wednesday CPS 1
Coburn Orange — Thursday CPS 2
Penny Irish Green — Tuesday Belview
Richardson Maroon — Thursday SES
Carroll Carolina Blue — Tuesday CPS 1
Pickeral Royal Blue — Thursday CPS 1
Tucker Forest Green — Monday CPS 2
Hendricks Ash Gray — Mondays CPS 1
Burrell White — Thursdays Belview

U8 Girls
Purple — Tuesdays CPS 3
Ireland Irish Green — Wednesdays FBE
Bush Orange — Thursdays CPS 3
Rose — Royal Blue Tuesdays CPS 2
Akers Maroon — Thursdays SES
Boone Red — Thursdays SES

U10 Boys
De Vinney Orange — Wednesdays FBE
Mike Semones Royal Blue — Mondays FBE
Mitch Semones/ O’Reilly Irish Green — Fridays FBE
Starr Maroon — Mondays BEL
VT Red — Fridays FBE

U10 Girls
Drummond Irish Green — Mondays FBE
Parton Carolina Blue — Tuesdays FBE
Shoup Yellow — Tuesdays FBE
Rosso Red — Wednesdays FBE

U13 Coed
Shealor Red — Mondays at CMS 2 and Thursdays at Moose
Ireland Irish Green — Thursdays at Moose and Fridays at CHS Band Field
Avellar Royal Blue — Tuesdays at CMS 3 and Fridays at CMS 2

U13 Girls
Vaccaro Irish Green  — Mondays at BEL and Wednesdays at CMS 2
Showalter Maroon — Mondays and Wednesdays at CMS 2
Smith Royal Blue — Tuesdays and Fridays at CMS 2

U18 Coed
Mondays at CHS beginning September 9th and Fridays at GSBC beginning August 23rd

U18 Girls
Tuesdays at GSBC and Thursdays at CMS 2

Time is running out. Have you registered yet?

Registrations for our upcoming fall season are really starting to come in now and teams are filling up quickly. Registration for Travel and Academy teams close this Friday, August 2nd. The Rec divisions close next Friday, August 9th. After that time there will be a late fee of $15, so please make sure you get your registrations completed soon.


We’re getting a number of questions regarding the ages appropriate for each division. Below is a guideline for how each division breaks down:

PreK – players must be three years old by 7/31
Kindergarten – players entering kindergarten this year or are advanced players from PreK
U8 – first and second grade
U10 – third and fourth grade
U13 – fifth, sixth, and seventh grade
U18 – eighth grade and above

The above grade guidelines are for your reference only. If you would like to your child play up a division, and have not already spoken with your coach or the Club, please feel free to contact us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com

General information:
Season fees: $45
Registration closes: August 9th
Late fee: $15 beginning August 10th
Academy practices begin: August 19th
U-8 and above Rec practices begin: August 26th
First weekend of games/PreK and K start: September 6th
Planned end-of-season: October 26th with November 2nd as the make-up weekend.

Registration is now OPEN!

Registration is now open for all ages and divisions, PreK through U-18, for our upcoming fall season.

Click HERE to get started.

Season fees: $45
Academy practices begin: August 19th
U-8 and above Rec practices begin: August 26th
First weekend of games/PreK and K start: September 6th
Planned end-of-season: October 26th with November 2nd as the make-up weekend.

Registration ends August 9th for all rec divisions. A $15 late fee will be added after that point and placement of late-registered players will be done as space allows.

April snow showers lead to soggy fields

If only it was 80° with 20 mph winds our fields would be dry by morning … but alas, it is not. The snow is melting but the fields are not draining. As a result, ALL FIELDS ARE CLOSED FRIDAY EVENING AND SATURDAY MORNING and:

1) All Kindergarten games originally scheduled for April 5th will now be postponed to Friday, May 17th;

2) All CSC home rec games originally scheduled for April 6th are postponed to Saturday, May 18th;

3) All CSC teams scheduled to play in Blacksburg tomorrow will now be playing next Sunday, April 14th. Kickoff is scheduled for 5 hours later than originally scheduled for tomorrow’s game. For example, a game originally scheduled for 9:00 a.m. will now start at 2:00 p.m. next Sunday. Coaches need to contact their team ASAP and let us know by MONDAY if they will have enough players. If not, we will recruit guest players because NRU fields are not available May 18th. If a coach is not available, and no substitute is available on the team, let us know and a guest coach will be arranged.

4) Afternoon travel games have not yet been postponed, but field conditions do not look favorable.

Concussion Safety: Starting the season off right

As we start another fun season of soccer, it’s important to take a few moments to review the signs and symptoms of a concussion, just to be on the safe side.

Concussions affect both boys and girls; while girls have a higher documented rate of concussion at 36 per 100,000. Most soccer related concussions are caused by hard falls to the ground, collisions with other players, or even when attempting to head the ball but rather making contact with the opposing player.

We have a number of resources available to you throughout our site. Parents should start here. Coaches should start here. For now, here is a quick look at what concussion symptoms look like and what steps to take if you think a player has sustained one.

Symptoms of a concussion

Action plan for a concussion

Heads Up!

Spring rosters

U8, U10, and U13 rosters have all be sent out to the coaches. Please expect to hear from your coaches within the next few days.

Parents: If you have not heard from your coach by Monday, please email us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com with your player’s information.

Coaches: If you have not received your rosters, please email us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com with your correct contact information and age division that you expect to be coaching.

K and PreK rosters are going out this weekend. Expect to hear from your coaches by the middle of next week.

Spring – Registration Updates

If you have been pulled from the wait list we will contact you within the next 48 hours. Please allow us this time to coordinate the team rosters.

The following divisions are CLOSED for the upcoming Spring season — we will not be able to accept any additional players into PreK, K, U8 boys, U10 boys, U13 Coed, and U13 girls. Rosters have been finalized. Your coach will contact you over the next few days.

Both the U8 girls and the U10 girls have available openings ONLY if you are willing to practice and play games in Shawsville. Please contact us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com if you have registered past the 2/15/13 deadline and would like to placed on one of the available Shawsville teams.

U18 Coed is still OPEN.