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End-of-season trophies

If your team is planning to order trophies for the end of the season, we highly recommend using New River Engraving. They have been a sponsor of our club since the beginning and to thank them for their continued support we ask that our teams contact them for their trophies or medals.

New River Engraving spring 2014 season specials:

New River Engraving spring 2014 specials

Spring snow and Spring Soccer don’t mix.

GAME FIELDS CLOSED. All game fields are closed this week. Rec teams are asked to cancel all practices this week. Even if the snow melts and the fields start to dry, the late start to spring is putting tremendous strain on the fields. The fields will be able to take more wear and tear once the spring grass has started growing. Rec teams can resume practice next week and prepare for their next game on April 6th, hopefully in spring conditions.

Travel/academy teams are asked to stay off game fields until Friday, March 29th. Travel/academy teams may contact Dennis Nagel about alternative locations (AES, CES, and SES).

Concussion Safety: Starting the season off right

As we start another fun season of soccer, it’s important to take a few moments to review the signs and symptoms of a concussion, just to be on the safe side.

Concussions affect both boys and girls; while girls have a higher documented rate of concussion at 36 per 100,000. Most soccer related concussions are caused by hard falls to the ground, collisions with other players, or even when attempting to head the ball but rather making contact with the opposing player.

We have a number of resources available to you throughout our site. Parents should start here. Coaches should start here. For now, here is a quick look at what concussion symptoms look like and what steps to take if you think a player has sustained one.

Symptoms of a concussion

Action plan for a concussion

Heads Up!

Looks like Spring. Feels like Spring. Now it’s time to play like it’s Spring.

Excited CSC PlayerWe’re giddy with excitement! Spring season is just about here. 


Tomorrow is the last day register for 2013 Spring Soccer. We’re getting everything ready on our end. Fields prepped. Teams and coaches assigned. Jerseys ordered.  — We just need you! Take a few minutes today and fill-out our handy registration form.


Season begins: March 4th.
Cost: $45 per player


Don’t miss out on all the fun here at CSC. Come socialize with us online. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

See everyone in a few weeks.

Socialize with us

“The Phantoms” being incredibly serious (and not at all coooold) before their U13 game in Blacksburg. October 2012

We’ve finally been socialized, not that you can tell from our photo… But, honestly, we’re getting social on the World Wide Web and to prove it, we’ve got profiles on the social media biggies.

We’re posting and tweeting all kinds of fun, soccer-related information, and up-to-date CSC information once the season gets started. Quick and accessible information, where you are. Tag us in your photos, retweet updates, and let us know how your practices and games are going.  Come on over and hang-out with us; It will be a good ol’ time.  Find us at Facebook, user ChristiansburgSoccer, and Twitter @CBurgSoccer. Look forward to hearing from you.