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End-of-season trophies

If your team is planning to order trophies for the end of the season, we highly recommend using New River Engraving. They have been a sponsor of our club since the beginning and to thank them for their continued support we ask that our teams contact them for their trophies or medals.

New River Engraving spring 2014 season specials:

New River Engraving spring 2014 specials

U13 revised schedules – Week of 5/13

U13 and U13G games that were postponed will be made up this week.  U13 and U13G will also be reduced to 1 practice this week to provide field space for games.  The practice night may be different for some teams, so please take note:

MONDAY, MAY 13th: CMS 2 Coed Red v. Coed Orange at 6:15; CMS 3 Girls Irish v. Girls Sapphire at 6:15.  Pink team will practice at CMS 1.  Coed Green will practice at Moose.

TUESDAY, MAY 14th: Girls Sapphire and Purple will practice at CMS 1.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 15th: CMS 2 Coed Red v. NRU at 6:15; CMS 3 Girls Pink v. Girls Maroon at 6:!5.  Girls Irish will practice at CMS 1.

THURSDAY, MAY 16th: Coed Red and Coed Sapphire will practice at CMS 1.  Coed Orange will practice at Moose.

FRIDAY, MAY 17th: CMS2 Coed Irish v. Coed Sapphire at 6:15.  Girls Maroon will practice at Moose.

NRU and CSC are working on reschedules for the CSC teams who had games postponed in Blacksburg.  Those games are expected to be set the afternoon of May 18th.

April snow showers lead to soggy fields

If only it was 80° with 20 mph winds our fields would be dry by morning … but alas, it is not. The snow is melting but the fields are not draining. As a result, ALL FIELDS ARE CLOSED FRIDAY EVENING AND SATURDAY MORNING and:

1) All Kindergarten games originally scheduled for April 5th will now be postponed to Friday, May 17th;

2) All CSC home rec games originally scheduled for April 6th are postponed to Saturday, May 18th;

3) All CSC teams scheduled to play in Blacksburg tomorrow will now be playing next Sunday, April 14th. Kickoff is scheduled for 5 hours later than originally scheduled for tomorrow’s game. For example, a game originally scheduled for 9:00 a.m. will now start at 2:00 p.m. next Sunday. Coaches need to contact their team ASAP and let us know by MONDAY if they will have enough players. If not, we will recruit guest players because NRU fields are not available May 18th. If a coach is not available, and no substitute is available on the team, let us know and a guest coach will be arranged.

4) Afternoon travel games have not yet been postponed, but field conditions do not look favorable.

Again with the snow…

Spring weather is unpredictable, but this spring may win an award for that.

The sun is expected to come out Friday afternoon . . . but not in time to melt the fields and have them dry enough to be playable. As a result, Kindergarten soccer is being tentatively postponed to this Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

By Saturday at 7am, a decision will made about whether the fields are playable for all Saturday games. If your team plays in Blacksburg, NRU will determine whether those games are postponed and will update their website at http://www.nrusa.org.

Game-day decisions are posted on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and via email.

Spring snow and Spring Soccer don’t mix.

GAME FIELDS CLOSED. All game fields are closed this week. Rec teams are asked to cancel all practices this week. Even if the snow melts and the fields start to dry, the late start to spring is putting tremendous strain on the fields. The fields will be able to take more wear and tear once the spring grass has started growing. Rec teams can resume practice next week and prepare for their next game on April 6th, hopefully in spring conditions.

Travel/academy teams are asked to stay off game fields until Friday, March 29th. Travel/academy teams may contact Dennis Nagel about alternative locations (AES, CES, and SES).

Spring rosters

U8, U10, and U13 rosters have all be sent out to the coaches. Please expect to hear from your coaches within the next few days.

Parents: If you have not heard from your coach by Monday, please email us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com with your player’s information.

Coaches: If you have not received your rosters, please email us at christiansburgsoccer@gmail.com with your correct contact information and age division that you expect to be coaching.

K and PreK rosters are going out this weekend. Expect to hear from your coaches by the middle of next week.