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U13 revised schedules – Week of 5/13

U13 and U13G games that were postponed will be made up this week.  U13 and U13G will also be reduced to 1 practice this week to provide field space for games.  The practice night may be different for some teams, so please take note:

MONDAY, MAY 13th: CMS 2 Coed Red v. Coed Orange at 6:15; CMS 3 Girls Irish v. Girls Sapphire at 6:15.  Pink team will practice at CMS 1.  Coed Green will practice at Moose.

TUESDAY, MAY 14th: Girls Sapphire and Purple will practice at CMS 1.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 15th: CMS 2 Coed Red v. NRU at 6:15; CMS 3 Girls Pink v. Girls Maroon at 6:!5.  Girls Irish will practice at CMS 1.

THURSDAY, MAY 16th: Coed Red and Coed Sapphire will practice at CMS 1.  Coed Orange will practice at Moose.

FRIDAY, MAY 17th: CMS2 Coed Irish v. Coed Sapphire at 6:15.  Girls Maroon will practice at Moose.

NRU and CSC are working on reschedules for the CSC teams who had games postponed in Blacksburg.  Those games are expected to be set the afternoon of May 18th.