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Updated: Friday Kindergarten Postponed Until Saturday

Updated Information: 2:49 pm Saturday, 10/27

If the weather looks like it is going to be unbearable for play once you get the field, please shorten or skip your practice time and get right to the games. At this moment the forecast is showing that rain is expected to begin again at 3:30.

Unfortunately, we are running out of time to reschedule matches this season with the upcoming time change so matches need to be played if conditions allow it.

Please use your best judgement when on the field and communicate with the opposing team.


Due to the forecasted weather for Friday, we have postponed all scheduled Kindergarten activities. The practices and matches will now be on Saturday, 10/27 at 3p.

Your schedules have been updated to reflect the change.

PreK Annoucement: Re-scheduling final games

Saturday is now looking like an unplayable day due to cold temperatures, high winds, and possible snow. While this is short notice, we would like to move up the final game to TOMORROW NIGHT, Thursday at 6:00 p.m.. We are asking that TEAMS, not individual parents, but the teams, to let us know as soon as possible whether their team could be available Thursday night.

If tomorrow night is not possible for some teams, we would have to look at another Saturday morning, however temperatures are dropping quickly and there would be a significant chance that any future scheduled games could be cancelled.

Parents, please let your coach know your availability so your coach can contact us today.

Coaches, please reach out to your team today if you are not contacted by them directly. Specific team match-ups may have to be adjusted to accommodate team availability. We will need a response today in order to make the changes in the schedules by tomorrow.

Practices this evening

We are recommending that all practices are cancelled this evening due to the impending weather system that is supposed to move through. At this point the system is going to be in the area around 6 p.m., however even if it hits later than that it is expected to be much more severe than the recent rain storms that have come through the area.

Club policy: All fields must be cleared at the first sight/sound of lightning/thunder and must remain cleared for 30 minutes after the last incident.

Game Day Announcement: 3/29

We will play a partial schedule on Saturday, March 29th. Some rain is expected, and it could be locally heavy. The distance between Belview and EastMont Elem is 20 miles, so one location may get rain and the other location may just get clouds. The front may move in quicker than expected, or the storms could arrive right at game time. This disclaimer is that we are making this decision based upon the latest information available to us at 6:00 a.m. When you look at a weather map later in the morning, the circumstances may have changed. Having said that:

Pre-Kindergarten: games are postponed with a May 17th make up. Note: the game time may be earlier than our usual 1115 start, as May 17th is the date of our end of season celebration at Good Shepherd Baptist Church. This is an event not to be missed and more details will be forthcoming as we get closer.

U8 and U8Girls: games are postponed. We will plan to make these games up on weeknights in a few weeks.

U10, U10G, U13, U13G, and U18: We will plan to play the games scheduled at 8:30, 9:00, 9:15, 9:45, 10:15. There is clearly a chance of rain, so please dress appropriately. The 11:00 a.m. and 11:15 a.m. games are postponed, and new dates will be selected.  **7:03 Update: 3 more games are now postponed: Altizer v. Berryman, Parton v. Drummond, and Rosso v. Showalter. After posting, the weather map updated to show a more severe rainstorm coming through the area.**

NRU games in Blacksburg: NRU will make a decision and post it on their website, http://www.nrusa.org later this morning. They will also post their makeup schedule if games are postponed.

Final Note: Soccer is a team sport. When a player misses a game, it affects not only their teammates, but also the quality of competition for the opponent. There were a number of Kindergarten players absent from their teams last night without notice to coaches, despite weather that had cleared. For today’s game, the weather conditions may not be perfect, but each player should fulfill their team obligation. If your player cannot be at a game, contact the coach immediately. A team can overcome a single missing player, but if 4 or 5 players each make the decision to stay home due to possible rain, then the entire game is jeopardized. Even if some games are played in rain, those games tend to be favorites for children who are appropriately dressed. The games that are going forward this morning are for the older teams, so they should be able to adapt to wet field conditions.


Fields closed

It should not come as a surprise that the fields are closed due to the rain.  The fields will remain closed until an e-mail is sent that OPENS them back up.  If we receive rain as forecast, then the fields will likely remain closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, and would only re-open Thursday if the fields have adequately drained.  We are far enough along in the season that we will NOT be attempting to make up missed rec practices.

The travel tryout schedule is also being affected.  Tryouts set for Mustangs and Hornets will be moved back from Tuesday to this Thursday, and will be at CMS.  The tryouts set for the Sharks and the Strikers are being moved from CMS to GSBC on Thursday.

Again with the snow…

Spring weather is unpredictable, but this spring may win an award for that.

The sun is expected to come out Friday afternoon . . . but not in time to melt the fields and have them dry enough to be playable. As a result, Kindergarten soccer is being tentatively postponed to this Saturday at 1:00 p.m.

By Saturday at 7am, a decision will made about whether the fields are playable for all Saturday games. If your team plays in Blacksburg, NRU will determine whether those games are postponed and will update their website at http://www.nrusa.org.

Game-day decisions are posted on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and via email.