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CSC provides a framework for youth to play soccer, but it needs parent support to make it work. All coaching positions are filled by volunteers. Please consider volunteering your time in this capacity.

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Your role: Your role as a youth soccer coach is to provide a supportive, respectful, fun environment for players to learn the various skills to play soccer. We emphasize respect, teamwork, exercise, and good sportsmanship.

Requirements: There are no specific requirements to coach youth soccer. Just an appreciation for the sport and a desire to help players develop their skills.

Time commitment: Time commitment ranges between about an hour per week (PreK/Kindergarten) to four hours a week (U13+).

Responsibilities: As a coach, you will be the main contact person for your team throughout the season. You will be responsible for contacting your team prior to the beginning of the season and provide them with your practice and game schedule (developed by CSC). You will also be in charge of making the call on whether or not to have practice during inclement weather – the Club does not make decisions on practices. CSC policy on practices and games:

We play in the rain UNLESS (1) there is thunder/lightning, (2) damage to the fields, or (3) combined with cold weather that makes it too uncomfortable to play. If your game is in Blacksburg, check for cancellations. We post updates on cancellations at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday or by 4:00 p.m. on weekdays.

Benefits: Coaching youth soccer is a very rewarding experience. Seeing your players develop through the season and work together as a team is very satisfying. Plus, no wardrobe is complete without a bright yellow coaching shirt.

Resources: Prior to the beginning of each season, CSC holds coaching training. Training sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are normally held on a Saturday morning. Special coaching sessions can also be arranged. Additional coaching resources can be found under the pages in the Coaches Corner. If you need any further help or assistance during the season, please feel free to contact any of us at the Club. We want you to be confident in your responsibilities and have a good time coaching.

You are your team’s role model — lead by example. Show players, their parents, CSC, and other teams/coaches respect at all times. Creating an environment of support and respect starts with you. Remind your team that win or lose, soccer is about working together and having fun. And remember, if the players are having fun, we’re all happy.

A final note: As players progress through the age levels it is important to remember that recreation soccer is about learning skills, having fun, and building friendships within the community; we are not developing the next super star.

Youth recreation and competitive soccer in Virginia's New River Valley

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