Training Resources

Comments are turned ON for this page now.  If you have a useful suggestion for a coaching resource, please leave a note in the comments section!

MOJO app:  This is an excellent app for beginner coaches.  This app features a tool where coaches can schedule and build practices from many high-quality pre-planned lessons based on developing different skill areas.  It also allows coaches to add in their own activities and customize practices.  Advanced features include the ability to link to other coaches and parents for sharing practice information.  The best feature though is the availability of multiple articles and videos helping coaches and players grow with the game.

U.S. Soccer Learning Center:  This website offers many courses, some free and some paid, allowing coaches to develop.  The primary feature is the course path for licensing, starting with the Grassroots level courses for 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11, depending on where coaches want to enter the learning pathway.  A very good learning source — each Grassroots course includes access to very many practice plans based on the play-practice-play (PPP) approach.  Contact CSC for potential for course fee reimbursement.

United States Youth Soccer Association Coaches Section:  A number of good resources to include lesson plans, tips for first-time coaches, rules of the game, and continuing education resources.

Soccer Dots website:  Useful site with a number of good videos on warmups focusing on ball touches and youth soccer strategy using “dots” on the soccer board.

Brant Wojack Page:  Suggested to CSC based off of the very useful section titled Lineup Sheets, but has other good sections including Training Sessions, Videos, and Soccer Book Reviews.

Lexington United Soccer Club exercises:  A good list of exercises divided by age group and skill focus.  Divided into sections of warm-up, first and second activities, and game segment.

Basic Rules / Positions / Formations / Tactics:

Soccer Positions: The Numbers, Player Roles & Basic Formations

Tips for Analyzing Soccer:

Ten Tips for Watching a Soccer Match



Fast Feet Exercises:

1000 Touch Workouts:

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