Weather Policy

For the safety of all players, their families, and team staff, we appreciate your full cooperation with the following policy:

For practices when fields remain open:
 – The decision to practice is up to the coach and the coach will need to communicate to their team their decision .
 – If inclement weather rolls in during practice and you need to cancel early, a member of the team staff must stay on-site until all players have been picked up.
 – If there are any occurrences of lightning within 10 miles of the field, the field MUST be cleared immediately and remain cleared for 30-minutes after the final occurrence. 
 – Notice of field closure for during the week will be made by 4p. Closures will be posted online via our social pages, website, and email.
 – If fields are closed, all soccer activities are cancelled. No exceptions. 

For games when fields are open:
 – When there is a referee present for the game, the referee will make the decision on if/when to stop the game if inclement weather comes through. For BRSL matches, please review the complete policy 11.6 on their website. 
 – For coach referees, you will make the decision with the opposing coach if/when to stop the game. 
 – As long as one half of the game has been played the game will not be rescheduled. 
 – For PreK and K, if weather is forecasted during your field time, please cut your practice short and begin the game early.
 – If you have to cancel a game prior to completion of the first half, please contact to request a reschedule.  
 – Notice of field closures will be made by 4p for Kindergarten and 7:30a for Saturday rec matches, 10a for Sat/Sun BRSL and academy matches. Closures will be posted online via our social pages, website, and email, and BRSL team manager will be contacted directly.
 – If fields are closed, all games will be cancelled and rescheduled.

For both practices and games: We do practice and play in the rain/snow as long as field conditions are safe for play.

Youth recreation and competitive soccer in Virginia's New River Valley

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